Surge Protection Device

"Leutron Surge Protection Device"

"Distribution board with surge protection device caught fire due to lightning strike"

Safety and Reliability with Innovative Products

LEUTRON has been working for more than 50 years now on ways and methods to limit surge voltages and to discharge impulse currents.

LEUTRON product range of hermetically sealed, inert gas-filled high performance isolating spark gaps is renowned to offer outstanding safety and reliability. Sophisticated production processes such as high temperature soldering and vacuum technology offer a maximum of safety and a long service life. Our know-how based on many years of experience makes it possible for you to keep your equipment and electric devices in continuous operation in spite of interferences from surrounding industrial activities and to save you from operating disruptions following heavy thunderstorms.

 Leutron last product development PowerPro BCB is a complete new generaton of lightning current arresters with excellent test results in their voltage protection level Up. At a 3KA/6KV test, the voltage protection level is less than 700V and at Iimp is it less than 1KV. Because of this unique feature, the PowerPro BCD can protect the end equipment directly base on the MS IEC 62305-4 standards.