Leutron Surge Protection Device

The multi-pole combined modular arresters for protection against lightning strikes and transient surge overvoltages now have an even more attractive design. In addition to their outstanding technical properties, they are pluggable and provide a clearly reachable functional control indication and status display. The variable installation position – the base part can be plugged in two direction enable a flexible and cost saving wiring.

Easy changing of the protection module thanks to a two part design with a vibration resistance locking.

Robust and maintenance free due to the hermetically closed rare-gas-filled isolating spark gap without internal or external trigger electronic.


Electric Power Supply

PowerPro BCD. Three SPD's in only one housing! The advantages are a fact. More you will find here:

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Information technology

Protect your Telephone line with IsoPro Data 150V/150V-Tr directly at the cable entrance to the building, a protective device with low-pass filter!

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Spark gaps filled with rare gas

PowerPro BCD. Three SPD's in only one housing! The advantages are a fact. More you will find here:

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Voltage transformers

Lightning and surge protecter for 1A respectively 5A cores in current transformers.

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AC-current diverter

Active (cathodic) corrosion protection means that the equipment to be protected is secured durably by active interference into the electrochemical process of corrosion. A power rectifier is inserted between the equipment to be protected, such as a pipe line , and an anode which serves as grounding unit.

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Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)

Atmospheric discharges, inductive interferences, frictional electricity or direct contact with high-voltage conductors can provoke short-term voltage surges which are coupled into telecommunications lines or any kind of process measuring and control lines and which, as a result, disturb or destroy the electric or electronic installations connected to them.

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