Earthing and Lightning Protection System

Our Earthing and Lightning protection system products (LYTECH) are manufactured to comply to IEC 62561 and accordance to Faraday Cage Principal, where the components have undergone salt Mist Test 60068-2-52-1996, severity 2 (72 hours exposures). Our dedication allows us to produce and customized products that cater to the customer demands of our customer’s.

Our lightning protection system design, and lightning risk assessment reports complies to IEC62305 standard, and our design team is also capable to propose design based on American (UL, API) and French (NFC) standards. With our capabilities and know how we can offer sophisticated, customer orientated technical support to meet our customers’ stringent requirement.

We based our earthing design on IEEE80, and we use CDEG software to produce efficient and safe earthing system via the simulation of fault current discharge on step touch voltages.

The LYTECH lightning protection range covers flat, solid circular and cable and wire systems, which includes air terminals, bases and clamps for the air termination network and an extensive range of down conductors and fixings.

LYTECH Earthing includes all the materials and methods of connection necessary for an effective earthing system, including earth rods and plates, clamps, inspection pits and compression connectors.

With our expertise, quality service and adequate stocking and short decision making process, we are well placed to cater to your needs to lightning and earthing protection system.

Air Terminal

AT Base


Cable Rod Clamp


DC Tape Clip

Oblong Test Point

Heavy Duty PVC Chamber

Round Test Point

Square Tape Clamp

Tape Clip

Tape to Rod Clamp



Conductor Saddle - Circular


Conductor Saddle - Flat


Earth Bar


Earth Point


Earth Rod Coupling


Earth Rod


PVC DC Tape Saddle


Ridge Saddle


Strike Pad


Test Link Box


Tower Earth Bond