About Us

Bintang Mahajaya Sdn Bhd is managed by a team of professionals with them more than 15 years of experience, in lightning protection industry.

We offer wide range of products and services to protect today’s structures from lightning as well as providing protection for sensitive electrical / electronic devices from lightning surge current or transient over voltages. We also provide services such as turnkey operation of design, products and installations.

Our reputation has is on customer service, quality products, excellent workmanship, and technical know how. Therefore, you or your customers will feel confident and satisfied with the service they will receive over their investment.

All our lightning protection system are installed by qualified personnels which complied to the standard of MS IEC 62305, MS IEC 62561, MS IEC 61643, BS 6651:1999 and BS 7430: 2011. Bintang Mahajaya Sdn Bhd has implemented a professional approach by using our high quality products along with our advanced installation techniques. All our personnel have been trained to provide clean and inconspicuous installations while maintaining maximum performance of the system.