Early Steamer Emission (ESE)

LYTECH L.S.E. Lightning Protection System

LYTECH E.S.E. (Early Streamer Emission) Lightning Air Terminal meets the requirements under NFC 17-102 standards and is tested by International Accredited laboratory. The terminal is made from stainless steel which provides protection against corrosion and it does not require any power supply for its operation and is non-radioactive.

The product consist of 3 parts; Air Terminal, Ion Generator and Roof Connection Pipe. The Ion Generator is located in a special section inside the stainless steel body and as the atmospheric electric field rises during lightning storm, the generator becomes active and ionizes surrounding air by generating an upward leader.

It produces early streamers to capture lightning at an earlier stage thus creating a preferred strike point for lightning. This process provide a safe and efficient method for controlling dangerous lightning energy by capturing it at a preferred point.

Early Streamer Emission Principles

The LYTECH E.S.E. Air Terminal uses the occurring electrical field to release a timely upward leader. This process is a safe and efficient method of capturing dangerous lightning energy at a preferred point.

As a thunder storm gather above the ambient electrical field surroundings, the terminal begins to rise in voltage. As the down leader approaches towards the protected area, there is a rapid increase in the electric field which initiates the triggering of an upward streamer from the terminal.

The use of an E.S.E. Air Terminal protects a larger or enhanced area compared to a conventional rod. With the release of the upward streamer from the finial tip earlier than other competing structural points, the terminal becomes a preferred point for the capture of the lightning discharge within the protected area.


Combination of Principles

We combine the Early Streamer Emission system with conventional lightning protection system to achieve maximum protection especially for areas that are unable to be protected theoretically by the conventional system
Direct Strike protection
Transient Surge &
Overvoltages Protection

Grounding &
Earth Grid Systems


Protection Principles

The protection radius (Rp) of the LYTECH E.S.E. Air Terminal is calculated using the following formula as shown in the French National Standard NF C 17-102.

∆T as established in our model.
  • LYTECH E.S.E. 15, ∆T (µs) = 15
  • LYTECH E.S.E. 30, ∆T (µs) = 30
  • LYTECH E.S.E. 60, ∆T (µs) = 60
h (in meters) = height of the E.S.E. Air Terminal above the subject to be protected or area to be protected.
D (in meters) = the chosen level of protection specified in annex B of the NF C 17-102.
D = 20m for Level 1 Protection (High Protection)
D = 45m for Level 2 Protection (Medium Protection)
D = 60m for Level 3 Protection (Standard Protection)

Protecting Area

Rp (m)
LYTECH E.S.E. 15 ∆T (µs) = 15 LYTECH E.S.E. 15 ∆T (µs) = 30 LYTECH E.S.E. 15 ∆T (µs) = 60
h (m) \ Np
2 13 18 20 19 25 28 32 40 44
25 36 41 28 50 57 64 78 87
5 32 45 51 48 63 71 79 97 107
32 46 52 48 64 72 79 97 107
33 49 56 49 66 75 80 99 109
34 52 60 50 68 77 80 101 111
35 55 63 50 71 81 80 102 113
35 60 73 50 75 89 80 105 120
60 35 60 75 50 75 90 80 105 120

We are pleased to offer our no-obligatory design services to our clients. Just email to us your drawings at [email protected] and we will do the rest.
E.S.E. Air Terminals The Air terminal is made from stainless steel which provides protection against corrosion. E.S.E. Lightning Air Terminal meets the requirements under NFC 17-102 standards.

L-ES Air Terminals

Made from 99.98% solid copper or aluminium.
Various diameter and length of rods are available as per customer request.

Part No. ∆T:Acc.to
NFC-17 102
∆T: 15µs ∆T: 18.13µs Stainless Steel
L-ES30 ∆T: 30µs
∆T: 30.13µs Stainless Steel
L-ES60 ∆T: 60µs
∆T: 63.13µs Stainless Steel

Test Report

NF C 17-102

The LYTECH ESE range of terminals have been fully tested in accordance with NF C 17-102 in a high voltage laboratory.

Certified Performance

The objective of the testing under French National Standard NF C 17-102 is to obtain a statistical result between a single reference rod and the ESE terminal whereby a time difference is obtained between the two and by definition, a triggering time advance ∆T is calculated. Safety margins are applied to the measured values in order to provide a conservative measured result.

Lightning Strike Counter

The Lightning Strikes' count are monitored by LYTECH LEC, which is able to give some information about the intensity of the lightning occurrence in the area.

Part No. Dimension
LYTECH Lightning Event Counter
- Enclosure Rating - IP67.
- Detect Current from 2 to 200kA.
- 6 Digits Mechanical Counter
- Mechanical Counter with 6 digits.

Masts and Bases

Made from Hot Dipped Galvanised and Aluminium. It is commonly used for mounting E.S.E. air terminal.

Part No.

Hot Dipped

With Base
LY-PAL-2M 2000 Aluminium LYTECH Aluminium Pole
With Base
- Other materials (eg. Stainless Steel, Cantilever) available upon request.
- Other lengths (3m, 5m etc.) available.

E.S.E. Tester

LYTECH ESE Terminal can be tested using our ESE tester. The tester is used during our regular maintenance cycle to ensure that the ESE terminal is always functioning properly.

Part No.
ESE Tester
The tester will indicate OK or FAULT
with the help of red or green LED